The Arts Council's eighth Schools' Show touring exhibition

"I have always been compelled by the possibility of corners, from the schoolboy chess intrigue of the knight's almost three-dimensional manoeuvre (the action of the Rubik cube, fashionable for a period of my adolescence) to the delight of those flatpacked, disposable perioscopes hawked to the crowd to afford a view of the Pope at Ballybrit racecourse in 1979.
I indulge this by my proposal of a sunken garden, very similar to a remembered (now disappeared) walled orchard I periodically inhabited as a boy. A secret domain with its own hinged relationship to the outside world, it is entered and exited via a pair of interlocking rooms and a ladder. All spatial dimensions are interrelated to effect a landscape of infinite logical possibility. A place for games."

completed: 1999

  • A room of one's own / Seomra de do chuid féin, ed. Antoinette O'Neill, The Arts Council, Gandon Editions, 2000, ISBN 0906627 923
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