A curation 'of deBlacam and Meagher', the Irish representation at the 12th International Architecture Biennale, at San Gallo, Venice
Followed by touring exhibition to Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Glucksman Gallery Cork, Limerick City Gallery of Art and Ormeau Baths Gallery Belfast.

commissioner: N. Weadick, for the Irish Architecture Foundation
curators: T. de Paor, P. Maybury, A. Casey, C. Deegan
completed: 2010
area: 61 sqm (116 / 40 / 108 / 144 sqm)
photography: A. Clancy, P. Maybury

related publications:
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  • The studied avoidance of building, H. Pearman, Sunday Times, 09-2010
  • On bricks and water, F. McDonald, Irish Times, 04-09-2010
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