A high security, low maintenance, low cost bespoke sub-urban boundary system in serial private ownership. The site is 300mm wide and 1.7 km in length along the southern edge of the A13 as it moves through a light industrial zone. The fabric of the fence is a standard three dimensional expanded metal sheet (3x 10 mm thick, 2250x2250mm square) which is hot dipped galvanized. It is therefore visually solid when perceived from one angle and progressively more transparent as the point of view alters producing an urban moiré. This light manipulation is amplified by creasing the square of fabric at 23 degrees on 45 degrees along the meshes vertical axial. The support posts consequently crank alternately at 5 degrees. The resultant parallelogram rhythm (which varies with the viewer up to the 50 mph speed limit) provides a visual datum against and through which this place is viewed. The base detail is again of standard civil engineering components reconsidered - a half battered safety kerb placed back to back but coated in a glass bead reflective white paint to exploit alternative light rhythms reflected from the headlights of passing vehicles.

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