A standart light developed with Urbis Lighting
completed: 2002

Lantern type: IDEST OPTIC
Urbis reference: IDEST OPTIC/70 CDM-T/1659/222711

A galvanized bent round section of mild steel , diameter :190 mm, height: 6.0m,inclination: 21 degrees incorporating 2 x 70 watt CDM-T lamps with integral control gear. The optical unit is sealed to IP66, comprising 2x1659 reflector and formed polycarbonate protector .The output is 6,600 lumens per lamp, with a cleaning cycle months and relamping period of 24 months (8,000 hrs)- matrix number 222711.Individually numbered by hand in roman numerals.

height: 6.0m
inclination: 21 degrees

lamp output: 6,600 lumens / lamp
cleaning cycle: 24 months
relamping period: 2 years (8,000 hrs)
image display