"The centre of the plain of Fal is Tara's castle, delightful hill; out in the exact centre of the plain, like a mark on a brandub board. Advance thither, it will be a profitable step: leap up on that square, which is fitting for the branán, the board is fittingly thine." - attributed to Maoil Eoin Mac Raith


An brandub is the boardgame mentioned since the sixth century in Irish texts. The game of ground is presented here as a section of peat, compressed and cut into thirteen figures, played on a punched wool felt mat. An brandub, the raven, is perched at the centre of the board, outnumbered and surrounded, and plays for stalemate - an island game.

board design collaboration: Sphere One, L. Downes

commissioned by: IrishDesign2015
completed: 2015
photography: A. Hofheinz, Makers&Brothers


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